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Here goes the king of all scooters, Vespa! It is the most classic and timeless-design scooter that is very much loved by all the retro lovers. This scooter brings out its vintage vibe combined with modern technology that gives a super comfortable experience for the riders! Using the Italian Green Experience Technology (I-Get), you can ride in good acceleration and without decreasing any technical performance while still being responsible to the environment at the same time.

Talking about technical matters, great suspension and disc brakes on the front wheel make this scooter super safe to ride. This scooter is already equipped with LED on the brakes that makes it more dynamic and interesting.


Fuel capacity: 7 litre

Machine: 125 – 150cc

Transmission type: Automatic

Dimensions: 1.863 mm (length), 683 mm (width), 1.334 mm (wheelbase)

Seat height: 790mm

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