Mark Your Calendars: Exciting Events in Bali 2023

Mark Your Calendars: Exciting Events in Bali 2023

Events to attend in Bali 2023 can be marked because Bali is a place that has lots of popular tourist destinations every month. Not only the beauty of natural scenery, Bali offers exciting holiday activities with its unique art and culture.

3 Best Events in Bali 2023

The Day After Nyepi- Omed-Omedan

Omed-Omedan is a Balinese language which means attraction, this tradition is carried out every year, namely one day after Nyepi. This tradition can only be found in Bali, because all the ritual participants are young members of the Banjar Kaja Sesetan Denpasar.

Before carrying out this tradition, the Banjar youths will pray at the local temple for safety, and after the prayer they are separated into groups of men and women facing each other.

Between groups of men and women, of course, only one person will be chosen, where the selected participants will face each side and be brought together. The two participants will lock lips and then kiss while being doused with water.

Nyepi Day Festival

Nyepi Day is a celebration of the Saka New Year which usually has a festival and is celebrated by all Hindus in Indonesia. All routine activities stop and you will never find the atmosphere of Nyepi in other countries. This Nyepi festival will begin with the ogoh-ogoh celebration on the day before Nyepi.

One day before Nyepi begins, there is a position for Hindus called pengerupukan. This ritual is carried out in every village throughout the island of Bali, so that in the afternoon local residents will lead the ogoh-ogoh on the main road.

Ogoh-ogoh is a giant statue made of light material so it is very easy to make wine. The ogoh-ogoh frame itself uses wood covered with paper or cloth, so it is easy to carry.

Ubud Festival Writers

The Ubud Writer Festival is a festival that was started in 2004. This festival has become a world literacy festival and has been attended by many national and international organizers. Usually the theme every year will be different and inspired by some history in Bali.

If you love reading or dream of becoming a writer, then this festival will be perfect for you. Of course there are lots of interesting discussions brought by writers to scholars.

4 Best Calendar events in Bali 2023

Makepung Festival

Makepung is a tradition of buffalo racing in Jembrana district. This tradition events in Bali is followed by hundreds of pairs of buffalo which will compete to reach the finish line the fastest and are controlled by a jockey. Each pair of buffaloes will be associated with a wooden plow, which is held in the Melaya subdistrict, Jembrana district.

Bali Arts Festival

The Bali arts festival is a festival created by the provincial government and is used as a forum for the creativity of artists. This Festival was made in an effort to support government programs in terms of exploring and preserving and developing the values that exist in Balinese cultural arts.

The festival is held for 1 month, so that tourists can watch the art parade that is displayed and is generally very interesting. Art parades in the form of dances, theater, carnivals and competitions can be seen at this art festival.

It should be noted further that there are many types of festivals in Bali. The entire festival will not be enough if it is only discussed in one article. This happens because pigs are one of the many areas in Indonesia that have a diversity of cultures and arts. Bali is also known as an area that has many interesting festivals.

Mid June- Pandan War in Tenganan Village

The Pandan War is a tradition in the village of Tenganan, Karangasem district, Bali which is known to foreign countries. For the people of Bali, this name is known as pandan movement, although it is often referred to as a tradition of pandan movement called memerekare.

The Pandan war tradition is not just a traditional show. This tradition is part of the original Balinese culture and rituals of the village community, because it is believed that bad things will be avoided. During the ritual, two youths will fight in an arena.

Each young man will certainly bring a bundle of pandan leaves with a length of approximately 30 cm which is used as a weapon. The other participants will also carry shields, which during the fight the two youths will attack each other by rubbing thorny pandan leaves on their opponent’s back.

Nusa Dua Festival

Nusa Dua Festival is a festival that presents various types of lanterns with very beautiful shapes. Usually the festival will be held from May to July, and has three very important themes, namely food and games.

The Nusa Dua Festival is usually held simultaneously with the Bali blues festival which takes place in the Nusa Dua peninsula area. At this festival you will see the biggest pawns and various attractions such as a kids playground.

What Kinds of Bali Festivals are in 2023?

Galungan – Penjor Day

Penjor is a tradition that coincides with Galungan. And when you are on vacation in Bali during Galungan, you will see unique decorations in the form of bamboo poles along the main road. In the eyes of tourists, this tradition is a very unique tradition on the island of Bali, because the decorations are made of whole bamboo and the bamboo is decorated using coconut leaves.

At the end of the penjor itself, there is a flower decoration called sampian which is hung using coconut leaves so that it is a long string. After the Penjor decoration is finished, the Balinese will put up the bamboo poles in front of their respective houses.

Sanur Village Festival

This festival is usually held in August because it has quite a number of events. Starting from food festivals to art exhibitions and sports competitions held in Bali. Of course, there are lots of series of the most awaited exciting festival events, namely the international Sanur which will be attended by tourists.

The Sanur Festival also has a focus on environmental actions such as planting coral reefs or releasing baby turtles. This Sanur festival is a community event founded directly by the Sanur development foundation.

Ngaben Festival

The Ngaben Festival is a ceremony for those of the caste in the form of a cremation ceremony and only exists on the island of Bali. This ceremony is an important ceremony in the Hindu cultural tradition, because a container is used to transport the corpse from the house to the cremation site.

In general, the container is divided into two forms, namely resembling a small temple with carvings and decorations and resembling an animal. The cremation ceremony is carried out to light a fire in Bali, according to Hindu residents this process is very important to do.

What is meant by the Bali Kite Festival?

Bali Kite Festival

Bali Kite Festival is a events in Bali of giant kites. This festival is an annual festival events in Bali that will be held in July and August. July and August were chosen because in those months the wind starts to blow hard.

It’s not just the wind factor, because July and August are the peak season for tourist visits to Bali. That’s why this kite festival in Bali attracts thousands of visitors, especially foreign tourists.

The kite festival has its own uniqueness, namely the size of the kites which tend to be very large. When flying, the kite will be accompanied by blaring music from a Balinese gamelan called baleganjur. The location of the kite festival is on Padang Galak beach and Sanur beach.

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