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  • With EZY Bali Car Rental, Make Your Vacation More Memorable

    Ezy Bali car rental is one of the things we highly recommend. Plus if you are a novice traveler for the first time to the island of Bali


  • 10 Best Tourist Attractions in Bali- The Island of Gods

    This tourist attraction can be visited by anyone, you can also bring your partner to this place. The 10 best tourist attractions in Bali


  • Perfect Holiday in Bali to Enjoy 15 Fun Activities for Kids

    Activities for Kids in Bali can be done with parents. You can enjoy vacation moments with children in Bali with activities


  • 10 Amazing Things to do in Kuta for Vacation in Bali

    Things to do in Kuta can be done by anyone who vacations to this place.There are so many exciting holiday activities that can be done in Kuta


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What To Do

Your very own bucket list


    Need a little refreshment on your holiday? If sightseeing is something you normally do to relieve your stress try cycling Ubud area

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  • Bali Water Sports Adventure USD 99 80

    Going to the beach for vacation always seems like an amazing idea. Trying some water sports can be a more interesting idea at the beach

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  • Best White Water Rafting In Bali USD 150 100

    Would you like to try adrenaline-pumping activities in Bali? White water rafting in Bali may be the perfect choice to boost your adrenaline.

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  • Fun Couple

    Riding around the island in a fashionable look with Scoopy, perfect for sporty couples or even single riders!


  • Retro couple

    This scooter brings out its vintage vibe combined with modern technology that gives a super comfortable experience for the riders!


  • Sporty couple

    The dynamic and spunky design stands out to everyone who sees it on the road.


  • Big Group

    Going for a trip with a group of friends? Seems like you are going to need the super-comfortable Vehicle


  • Big Family

    This luxurious 7 seater vehicle will give you the most comfortable experience through your trips


  • Small Family

    Compact body and efficient fuel is very much a good thing for a small family especially in urban mobility


Bali Travel

EzyTravelTrip is a Bali travel partner that connects travellers from around the world to the best travel services. Every service is run by our professional and competent staff. Only the long experienced professionals in the specific field are involved as a supporting team for the company, from drivers, guides, to customer service. Our team will help to educate more about Bali by guiding you while traveling in this Island of Gods. Don’t worry, we guarantee that your trip will still be enjoyable and super fun!

As a responsible endeavour, our team will always be helpful by assisting you at any time. This is why EzyTravelTrip is a reliable Bali travel partner for serving customers in responsive communication. With 24/7 customer service, we also aim to reduce customers’ concerns if any obstacles occur during whatever process is being carried out at that very moment. Customers are able to communicate with EzyTravelTrip through various ways like social media chats or direct messages, email, or call. Whichever method you choose, we will be available to reach everyday and at any time.

Our office’s location is based in Kuta Bali, so please note that although your messages will be received at anytime, we will not be available to respond to any kind of contact on Bali Silent Day. This is one of EzyTravelTrip’s effort to respect the locals and support the culture itself. Your messages will be responded immediately on the next day.

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