20 Best Instagramable Destinations you Must Visit in Bali

20 Best Instagramable Destinations you Must Visit in Bali

Instagramable in Bali is a place that you can take advantage of while in Bali. This hit place will make you feel more confident and visiting Bali is not in vain. Because, the time we have will never be enough to really adventure and explore the corners of Bali.

What are the 20 best Instagramable Destinations you Must visit in Bali?

Bali is a city full of charm, it’s surprising that Bali has 20 of the best instagramable destinations that you should visit when you’re in Bali. Bali is known for its very beautiful beaches, although that’s not the only magnet on this beautiful island.

Best Instagramable Destinations in bali
  1. Tirta Gangga is an Instagramable destination that you must visit while in Bali. Bali has a very epic historical royal heritage to explore, one of which is Tirta Gangga on Jalan Abang, Karangasem Regency.
  2. Aling-aling waterfall is an Instagramable destination that you must visit to get a private waterfall in Bali.
  3. Lempuyangan Temple is the best temple that you can make Instagramable Destinations, this temple offers the majesty of Mount Agung.
  4. Gunung Payung Beach is the right choice if you want a tourist destination while enjoying chocolate as a friend.
  5. Double six beach is like a familiar tour because it appears explored by Instagram. You can go to this place is the best place to meet existing posts on Instagram.
  6. The Tanjung Benoa Flying Board is the newest waterspot in Bali, apart from paragliding. You can enjoy the beach that will take you flying by utilizing water pressure.
  7. Upside down world is the best tourist destination because it has the concept of upside down home tourism. This concept is a concept that is currently popular in Bali, so you don’t need to be confused after paying with a quest to explore photo spots.
  8. Surf and turf Nusa Dua is a great place, especially if you are a beginner. Although this place is artificial, you will be surprised by the slide terrain in a quite challenging area.
  9. There is also Nusa Ceningan, which is a small island in part of the three archipelagos of Nusa Penida. This place reminds you of the best place in the world, the Maldives.
  10. Bukit belongs to offer you the natural charm of the Balinese hills that look charming. Feel also the vast expanse of green rice fields on the hill, blending perfectly with the beautiful blue sky.
  11. Kanto Lampo waterfall is a waterfall in Bali with a special arrangement of black stones.
  12. Bingin Beach is a beach that makes tourists admire the beauty of Bali. The beauty of this beach is equipped with access to the beach which is quite steep.
  13. Enjoy the barracks wall waterfall, which has clear and blue water. This tourist spot is a bit hidden and still needs to be explored.
  14. Angle Bilabong is a place equipped with a beautiful estuary, very clear and can be the best healing spot when traveling in Bali. The gap on the edge of the pool flanked by large rocks is also very exotic to look at.
  15. Tegalalang rice terrace is the best place to enjoy the sunrise, complemented by beautifully arranged rice fields.
  16. Sharma Springs Bamboo is also the best reference that you can visit to complete the trip.
  17. Taman Nusa Cultural Park is the most sought after best tourist destination, this place can be used as an interesting photo with a cheerful feel.
  18. The next Instagramable Destinations is Bali Safari Park, which is decorated with many carved statues.
  19. Also enjoy the gemitir garden, which is a popular spot for growing American marigol flowers.
  20. Karma Kandara beach which has a beautiful atmosphere and is included in one of the best instagramable destinations in Bali.

What are Instagramable Restaurants in Bali?

In addition to beautiful beaches, you also have to taste the most delicious culinary in Bali. Bali has lots of instagramable restaurants that can make your Instagram better. Not surprising, because Bali is a culinary magnet that attracts tourists.

Kynd Community

Kynd Community

Kynd Community is a place that pampers vegetarians, this Instagramable cafe offers a vegetarian menu that is claimed to not be boring. You can feel the atmosphere of the cafe is fun and colorful, so that it becomes the main attraction for you.

Also enjoy various types of menus such as juices and smoothies that have a positive impact on your visit. You can get interesting photo spots while in this place complete with a food menu that makes you drool.

Cafe Kim Soo home

Cafe Kim Soo home

Kim Soo home is a display space for every product you have. This place offers moving furniture with impressive interiors. Equipped with a very cool Instagramable Cafe atmosphere that brings you to Greece.

Cafe Kim Soo home is the most appropriate spot to start the morning with breakfast. You can enjoy various types of interesting menus located in North Kuta, Badung Regency.

What are Instagramable Places in Bali?

Bali, is a very beautiful place, making tourists love Bali. Of course, your love is not proven if you are not familiar with some of the tourist destinations. There are so many tourist destinations in Bali that are instagramable places, so you can visit them.

Bali Safari Park

Bali Safari Park

Bali safari park has a very Balinese atmosphere with many carvings of statues in it. You can also enjoy the animals that inhabit and are imported directly from the country of origin. Bali Safari Park has various types of endemic animals to Indonesia and animals imported directly from their country of origin.

Gemitir Garden

Gemitir Garden

Gemitir Gardens is a hit spot as this Central American marigol flower garden grows aesthetically. You can enjoy a spectacular view, so that it can make travelers stop by. In fact, initially this place was just a vegetable inflammation owned by local residents.

Sharma Springs Bamboo

The best reference that can complete your trip is sharma springs bamboo. This place will restore your genes even if it doesn’t go anywhere. Because, you will be made aware of the beauty of the Ayung river and the beautiful forest, the beautiful bonus is that you can take photos in Instagramable bamboo installations.

Aling-aling Waterfall

Aling Aling Waterfall is a tourist spot in Bali that likes to make people forget that it is not personal. The atmosphere in this waterfall is very private, because visitors are rarely explored. You can enjoy a 12 m high waterfall surrounded by cliffs and thick trees.

Aling-aling waterfall is also equipped with clear water that is pleasant, also cool to feel. For those of you who want to experience having a private waterfall, you can really come to the Sambangan village highway, Buleleng Regency.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is an iconic rice field area located in Ubud. This area can be the best spot to enjoy the rising of the morning sun. Also enjoy the rice fields and terraces that line up beautifully, making the green area in Bali a destination for lovers of the atmosphere like you. Especially if you like a cool and quiet rural atmosphere.

Hidden Canyon

Tourist attractions in Bali have a hidden element, this place is equipped with views that can make people around the world jealous. You can enjoy pieces of hidden treasure on the island of the gods, which is located on Jalan Sahadewa, Gianyar Regency. Also enjoy the super beautiful canyon that not only attracts the attention of domestic tourists, because this canyon also attracts the attention of tourists.

Karma Kandara Beach

Karma Kandara Beach is a beach that has a very calm atmosphere. With this calm atmosphere, you can freely take any photos. In addition, the location of this beach is quite remote. So, you can enjoy the soft white sand and crystal clear water.

What are the Best Instagram spots in Bali?

When visiting Bali, of course you should not waste the opportunity. That way, you really need to know the best Instagram Spots in Bali. By knowing the Instagram spot, then you can take pictures without fear of dying of style.

Lempuyangan Temple

Best Instagram spots in Bali

Temples are places of worship that you will often encounter while in Bali. Because, Bali has the nickname Island of a thousand temples. One of the temples is the Lempuyangan temple, which is a place of worship in Karangasem, this place of worship is the most beautiful and makes people fall in love.

You can enjoy the majesty of Mount Agung which will become a more beautiful photo background, equipped with sunlight during the golden hour before dusk or dawn. Get the right spot for interesting and best photos when you are at the Lempuyangan temple, Bunutan, Abang.

Tirta Ganga

Tirta Gangga is an area in Bali besides the beach, it has its own beauty so that it can be used as a photo spot. Tirta Gangga is an instagramable place with a rock pool filled with goldfish and surrounded by a fountain. You can set your feet here, which makes you automatically want to pose like an empress.

GWK Cultural Park

Best Instagram spots in Bali

GWK Cultural Park is one of the tourist destinations in Bali, and the most sought after. This tour is located on Jalan Raya Uluwatu, Badung Bali. This place is one of the tourist destinations that is a paradise for aesthetic photo hunters and filled with rich culture.

Jasri Pantai Beach

Jasri Beach is a paradise for chocolate lovers and those who like to walk on the beach. Because, there are lots of chocolate factories located on the coast of Jasri, Karangasem, Bali. This beach also has super super instagrammable photos with swings, which directly face the beach. It’s a good idea to take photos with your back to the camera, so that your tense face can be disguised.

What are the best instagram spots in Seminyak?

Bali is an island of the Gods which has several areas, one of which is Seminyak. Seminyak has a lot of Instagram Spots that you can enjoy, of course that won’t happen if you don’t go to Seminyak. Seminyak is one of the areas in Bali, which is no less interesting than Kuta and Nusa Dua.

Ku De Ta

 best instagram spots in Seminyak

Ku De Ta is a cafe with a tropical feel and is suitable to serve as the best tourist destination in Seminyak. This place is a very suitable place to relax in the afternoon, equipped with various interesting points that can be used as a selfie background.

You can also enjoy some of the food served at the Ku De Ta. Because, almost everything has a special taste.

What are the unique things to do in Bali?

You don’t have to worry about running out of activities while in Bali, because there will be lots of unique activities to do. This activity is certainly very beneficial for health, or even tasting various types of culinary in Bali.

Shopping at Ubud Traditional Market

The first unique activity you can do in Bali is shopping at the traditional Ubud market. If you pay close attention to the posts of influencers and Instagram, shopping at traditional markets falls into the category of unique activities. You can find volk-style bags that are milling about and produce the latest fashion trends.

Taking pictures at Yellow Bridge Nusa Lembongan

Yellow Bridge Nusa Lembongan

Yellow bridge Nusa Lembongan is the iconic yellow bridge in Nusa Lembongan. You can enjoy this area, this area was once collapsed about 2 years ago. Although at this time it was rebuilt with a stronger construction and added to the beauty of the sea.

Visiting Dream Museum Zone

The next activity you can do is visit the dream museum zone. This place can make you have enough photo spots to upload to Instagram. Because, this place has 14 rooms, each of which has a different theme with 120 illusion arts.

The whole place is realistically painted by artists from South Korea. The artist collaborates with local painters, so the location is easy to reach, because it is in the middle of the city, namely on Jalan Nakula.

Visit The Secret Garden

Visiting the secret garden is an interesting activity, because this place always has unexpected surprises. This place is actually a hidden game in Bali, because your journey to this place will not be smooth. However, you will be treated to views and an atmosphere that makes you not want to go home.