Visit a Luwak Coffee Plantation in Bali

Visit a Luwak Coffee Plantation in Bali

Coffee Plantation

Travelers who want to know more about the coffee in Nusantara can take part in a coffee tour package or visit Luwak Coffee Plantation in Bali. Initiated by tourism and creative economy entrepreneurs in Bali. This tour package not only invites tourists to enjoy the typical coffee of the country, but also get to know more about coffee. The list of activities offered starts from coming to the coffee plantation, getting to know the types of coffee, learning how to process coffee until it is ready to be served, and interacting with coffee farmers.

This method creates a coffee with a typical Balinese flavor that has medium acidity and a distinctive floral aroma. In addition, some plantations also offer educational tours that explain the history of coffee in Bali as well as environmentally friendly agricultural techniques. There are various facilities that allow visitors to experience the coffee-making process first-hand, from picking coffee beans to roasting the coffee beans. Tourists can see local farmers patiently picking bright red ripe coffee beans. Then processing them using traditional methods that have been inherited from generation to generation.

Visitors not only enjoy the beauty of nature and learn about coffee. They can also taste various coffee variants directly on the plantation. Some plantations provide cafes that allow visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee while taking in the magnificent views of the surrounding nature. Kopi Luwak Bali, one of the most expensive coffees in the world, can also be found here. The unique process of making civet coffee, where the beans are eaten and then expelled by civet or luwak. Gives it a very distinctive flavor and is a special attraction for coffee lovers.

Coffee Plantation Bali

Visit a Luwak Coffee Plantation in Bali

Bali Island is one of the coffee producers in Indonesia. However, from a historical point of view, it lags behind regional coffee plantations due to the local people’s resistance to the colonial government. By tradition, Bali is a robusta coffee producer and is developed organically due to the imbalance between the selling price and the cost of modern fertilization. Coffee plantations are usually owned by small farmers with a small amount of land and managed collectively in a typical Balinese cooperative system. Some plantations have been developed in a modern way and many have become tourist destinations for international tourists.

When it is in high season, there are usually hundreds of tourists who come in groups with a tour guide who is fluent in various different international languages. Tourists can taste their coffee in the cool atmosphere of the plantation, which is located in the high-altitude. Some tourists are enthusiastic in taking note of the plantation owner’s explanation while enjoying an occasional treat of robusta black coffee. Many are also interested in directly buying coffee processed by the plantation in a special shop that also sells various products including souvenirs.

There are many interesting factors from a trip to a coffee plantation. Especially for anyone who has never experienced the agro-tourism atmosphere here. Traditional management, especially in the roasting process which only relies on firewood stoves. This is a specialty offered in several plantations here. It is not surprising that many tourists have come to taste the exotic luwak coffee. Which is sold at a price of 50 to 100 thousand per glass. So if you’re tired of mainstream tourism, why not try this coffee plantation agro-tourism.

Luwak Coffee Bali

Visit a Luwak Coffee Plantation in Bali

The flavor of Kopi Luwak is very rich and has many benefits. In Bali there are many places available for Kopi Luwak. Many local companies produce Kopi Luwak with very good quality. If you are traveling in your spare time, you can stop at a local coffee shop to taste luwak coffee. Along with the development of plantation to be agro-tourism on the island of Bali. Also many entrepreneurs have opened Luwak coffee shops on tourist routes.

Luwak (Luwak) coffee is actually quite strange to most people. How can someone think of consuming coffee from Luwak feces? This is a very reasonable mindset, because for most people this is quite disgusting. This is the reason why many people wonder about the history of how people started drinking coffee from Luwak feces. Coffee farmers in coffee plantations rely heavily on the Luwak’s ability to eat their coffee beans to produce Luwak coffee.

But a lot of people are curious to try Luwak coffee from coffee plantations in Bali. Because Luwak coffee is said to have the smoothest taste among other coffees. Coffee beans that have passed through the Luwak’s gastrointestinal tract have undergone a chemical process. That process makes them taste smoother and less acidic. Travelers can buy Luwak coffee when traveling to luwak coffee plantation areas in Bali.

Luwak Coffee Bali Price

If you are on vacation in Bali and you are a coffee lover, it would be great if you try a cup of Bali Luwak Coffee. There are many Bali Coffee Luwak cafes that provide a place with a beautiful view to enjoy a cup of coffee. Although drinking Luwak coffee is still very weird for most people. However, this coffee has quite a lot of fans and the price is fairly expensive, due to its limited production capacity.

Kopi Luwak Bali goes through a longer process before it reaches your cup. Because the process is different, the flavor and components in this luwak coffee will certainly not be the same as regular coffee. At first sight, there is nothing different about this drink. The color produced is the same as regular coffee, brownish black. But when it comes to aroma and flavor, it’s certainly not the same. Because the process of making coffee is rather complicated and produces not much coffee in one production. So the price of luwak coffee is more expensive if compared to regular coffee.

For the price of a pack of Luwak Coffee may be very expensive, but you can only try one cup of brewed luwak coffee at a relatively affordable price. We from Bali Tours are ready to take you by providing private transportation with an experienced driver to the famous coffee shop. While witnessing the process of making Bali Luwak Coffee and enjoying a cup of civet coffee with stunning natural scenery. 

Luwak Coffee Plantation Bali

Visit a Luwak Coffee Plantation in Bali

For coffee lovers out there who are traveling in Bali, visiting a coffee plantation there is an absolute must. Luwak coffee plantations in Bali are packaged as agro-tourism that offers precious taste and experience. Tourists can enjoy coffee that is known as the most expensive coffee in the world, with incredible natural views. Coffee plantation tours produce luwak coffee, one of the most expensive drinks in the world.

Experience of Bali coffee plantation tours is packed in interesting travel package. Tourists can see the traditional coffee making process. Taste a variety of Balinese specialty coffee with views of the green river valley. They can buy a variety of authentic Balinese coffee products, souvenirs, and others. Moreover, tourists can also see Luwak or a kind of Civet. A tiny animal that plays a huge role in the process of producing this famous Luwak Coffee.

Kopi Luwak Bali has a smooth, non-bitter, and slightly sour taste like a refreshing fruit. The aftertaste of the coffee is clean and does not leave a bitter taste. It is this unique flavor that makes Kopi Luwak increasingly popular with tourists. Once in a while, visit and enjoy a valuable experience in coffee plantation. Vacationing on a coffee plantation and getting the pleasure of this expensive drink.