Sporty couple

Calling out all millennial couples planning a trip, EzyTravelTrip offers you the best transportation to rent in the Island of Gods! Yamaha Nmax is a big body scooter with big machine capacity as well. The dynamic and spunky design stands out to everyone who sees it on the road. This bike is very compatible for adventurous couples who love touring. The ultimate comfort of the suspension and efficient use of fuel is perfect for long distance trips around the island. There’s no need to worry about running out of fuel as Yamaha Nmax provides a super informative speedometer. You will be able to see real time instant fuel consumption plus the average use of fuel on this technology.

Fuel capacity: 6,6 liter

Machine: 155cc

Transmission type: Automatic

Dimensions: 1.955 mm (length), 740 mm (width), 1.115 mm (height)

Seat height: 765mm