Small Family

Thinking about bringing your little family on vacation? EzyTravelTrip also offers the best transportation option for your family’s mobility with Toyota Agya! Compact body and efficient fuel is very much a good thing for a small family especially in urban mobility. The machine used in this vehicle is more than enough to be carried around town and also for long-distance trips. Though it looks tiny due to the short gear ratio character, it can still perform speedy driving. Fuel consumption of this 4 seater car can reach 19.3km/litre. Speedy or not, never forget to perform safe driving! That is why, Toyota Agya supports your safety by equipping the vehicle with seatbelts, Dual SRS Airbag, and also fog lamps which are really helpful for the driver!

Dimension: 3,660 mm (length), 1.600 mm (width), 1.520 mm (height)

Machine: 1,000 cc

Performance: 67 Ps/6,000 rpm (power), 11 kgm/4,200 rpm (torque)