18 Breathtaking Wedding Venues in Bali for Your Big Day

18 Breathtaking Wedding Venues in Bali for Your Big Day

Wedding Venues in Bali is suitable to be done at a place that has been agreed upon by both parties. Bali is the perfect choice, because Bali provides a variety of the best places for your big day. You can enjoy a spectacular wedding when you rely on Bali as the venue.

What are the 18 Breathtaking Wedding Venues in Bali for your big day?

Marriage is a very happy moment in everyone’s life, therefore it must choose a good place to celebrate the moment. This moment is a moment that is remembered for a lifetime, so wedding preparations are needed to be well prepared.

  1. The first wedding venue that you can choose is Conrad Bali Tanjung Benoa. This place is a popular venue since the existence of the infinity chapel which makes weddings even more memorable.
  2. The Bulgari Resort is the most enjoyable wedding venue because it is equipped with indoor and outdoor weddings. You will easily choose your favorite concept from this wedding, because the concept is the water wedding.
  3. In addition, there is also the Karma Kandara Resort which is a suitable place to hold a wedding on the beach while enjoying the sea view.
  4. You should also consider Laguna Nusa Dua, which has beautiful and luxurious resorts and is only available in the Nusa Dua area.
  5. Also enjoy the Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort which makes your wedding more memorable when it happens on the beach.
  6. Alila Villa Uluwatu is a place that can be used as a favorite place, because it is equipped with a cliff complete with direct views of the Indian Ocean.
  7. Grand Nikko Bali resort you can also enjoy, because this place has a view overlooking the ocean.
  8. The edge of Bali is an extraordinarily exclusive wedding venue located on the cliff side of the South
  9. The Sakala Resort Bali is a wedding venue in Bali and has a chapel to tie the wedding vows.
  10. Mulia resort Nusa Dua is a 5-star hotel that carries the concept of a tropical-themed resort.
  11. Taman Bhagawan creates a beautiful beginning which includes everything you could wish for during a wedding.
  12. Ramayana hotel Kuta is a venue that offers indoor or outdoor wedding receptions.
  13. You can also enjoy Penilunio Villa which has the best building area and can accommodate around 200 guests.
  14. Tirtha Uluwatu is a wedding boat that has a beach background and can accommodate about 250 guests.
  15. Villa Phalosa is a wedding venue that has an artistic and stunning building on the beach. At night, the atmosphere is no less beautiful with a strategic location.
  16. Blue waves villa is an area located in Seminyak and is able to serve up to 400 guests with exclusive services. The scenery available here is also very enchanting, so it can make your moment more romantic and memorable.
  17. St Regis Bali resort is a place that offers the concept of a barefoot wedding.
  18. The khayangan estate is a wedding venue located on a cliff, so you are treated to views of the open sea here.

What are the unique wedding venues in Bali?

Unique wedding venues in Bali are wedding preparations that will allow you to get the wedding you want. Bali is an island that you can make to save the beauty of a wedding with a partner, equipped with a unique wedding and an unforgettable place.

unique wedding venues in Bali

Conrad Bali Tanjung Benoa

Conrad Bali Tanjung Benoa is a place that can be used as the best wedding venue. Why is it best? Because this place is popular since the existence of the infinity chapel which is very unique. Infinity capel has a symmetrical architecture, besides the chapel is 2 m above sea level.

The existence of the infinity chapel gives rise to white marble instead of red carpets and the pool reflects light. The reflected light makes this party room which can accommodate up to 300 people shine. As a bride, of course you will be immediately attracted by this best place, and can’t wait to hold a wedding at Conrad Bali Tanjung Benoa.

unique wedding venues in Bali

Alila Villa Uluwatu

Alila Villa Uluwatu is a place that can be used as an option to carry out a sacred wedding. You will be presented with a view of the grass with a sprawling garden and beautiful sea views. This view makes the wedding feel more intimate and romantic.

Villa Plenilunio

Villa Plenilunio

Villa Plenilunio is a Villa which has a building area of ​​6000 M2, which is able to accommodate around 200 guests in a wedding. Why is it very suitable to be used as a wedding venue? Because the feel of this villa is very thick with traditional buildings located at an altitude of 170 m from the peninsula hill.

This villa is one of the best wedding venues in Uluwatu. Because, this villa offers access to pamper guests with views of the sea and sunshine. You can even enjoy the cool sea breeze and blue sky while in this place.

wedding venues in Bali

Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran

Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran is the best place to have a wedding ceremony in one of its gazebos. You can immediately say the sacred wedding vows with an elegant atmosphere. The sacred vows of marriage will be much more sacred if held in this place.

You can also enjoy a variety of the best food offerings and the most pleasant facilities while in this place. In addition, you can also hold a reception at Jimbaran Garden with a beautiful beach view. Also enjoy the garden in the middle of the swimming pool to make the wedding unforgettable.

What are the amazing wedding resorts?

As a bride, you can enjoy a very amazing wedding and make you want to repeat it. This wedding party must be held with very careful preparation. You have to think about where to host this amazing wedding with this family.

The Bulgarian Resort

The Bulgari Resort provides two wedding options namely indoor and outdoor weddings. The favorite concept of this wedding is the water wedding, where the wedding is arranged on a transparent carpet that seems to float on the surface of the pool water.

Please note, that each type of wedding ceremony is equipped with beautiful flower arrangements. The flower arrangement completes the wedding because it was designed directly by a famous florist. Weddings held here are also accompanied by ceremonies officiated by saints.

wedding venues in bali

Karma Kandara Resort

Karma Kandara Resort is the perfect place to have a beachfront wedding while enjoying the sunset. This place is built on a cliff with beautiful views of the Indian Ocean, making anyone want to have a wedding here.

This place is an unforgettable place if it is used as a wedding venues in bali. The bride and groom and their guests can enjoy the exotic view with a 180 degree view of the blue ocean. Weddings will be even more memorable if they are held directly at Karma Kandara Resort.

The Laguna Nusa Dua

The Laguna Nusa Dua

The Laguna Nusa Dua is a wedding venue that can be used as an option. Because, the Laguna is a beautiful luxury resort, and is only found in the Nusa Dua area of ​​Bali. This place can be used as a romantic wedding venue with a sunset background.

The wedding venue will be much more romantic, because it is equipped with lights hanging from each tree. You will also be happier with your partner when you get married in this place, because when you have a problem with your partner you can visit this place to reminisce.

Ayana Resort and Spa Wedding

Ayana Resort and Spa Wedding is a wedding venue in Bali and the top, because it gets a 5-star hotel as the best wedding venue in the world. You can also enjoy various facilities when saying sacred vows in this place.

The sunset background and the expanse of the Indian Ocean add a very pleasant impression to this place. This resort has been designed to accommodate a series of wedding receptions, from walking down the aisle to the best wedding ceremonies.

During the reception, you can delight guests with spectacular fireworks and Balinese gamelan music. Various facilities can also be enjoyed when you rent this place as a wedding venue.

What are Bali wedding venues Seminyak?

Seminyak is a tourist attraction that anyone can visit, but who would have thought that this place could be used as a wedding venue. You can get married in Bali and enjoy all kinds of attractions as well as honeymoon.

The Oberoi Seminyak

Bali wedding venues Seminyak

The Oberoi Seminyak is one of the hotels located in the Seminyak area, becoming a romantic place because it is often used as a wedding venue. You can hold a wedding in this place, so you and your partner can’t forget this happy moment.

Enjoy the pronunciation of sacred promises with a stretch of white sand and a very beautiful and blue sea. The White sand beach area makes your moment even more memorable, so you can’t forget this happy moment.

W Retreat & Spa Bali Seminyak

This place in the Seminyak area is the best place to say the sacred vows of marriage. You can enjoy the chanting of the sacred vows accompanied by the sunset. You can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the sea that stretches beautifully during the pronunciation of the sacred wedding vows.

The recitation of sacred vows will be even more sacred with the presence of green grass and beautiful views in Seminyak. This place that is only available in Seminyak, makes your wedding the most romantic wedding in all time.

Where are the suitable places for a Bali beach wedding?

It is common knowledge, that the beach is a suitable place to hold a wedding. The beach can be used as the main alternative if you want to get married in Bali, you will be provided with some of the best facilities with stunning views.

Blue Point Chapel Uluwatu

Blue Point Chapel Uluwatu is a wedding venue that is no less beautiful than other weddings. This one place is different from other places because it is located in the Uluwatu area. This place has a beautiful view and is equipped with waves hitting the rocks.

You can hold a wedding in this place, because it is equipped with a romantic and exotic atmosphere and you can feel it with your partner.

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort

Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort is a place that can be chosen. Especially if you want your wedding to be held on the beach. In this place, you can say sacred vows with a view of the beach. Sofitel also provides a beautiful room that is a place of promise for life and death, namely the Jewel Box at Sofitel Bali Nusa Dua Beach Resort.

The jewel box is designed with ivory white marble floors and transparent glass walls with ocean views. You can enjoy the wedding moment witnessed by many people. Because, this place provides a hotel ballroom that can accommodate around 430 guests in a banquet style.

As a bride, you can hold a wedding on the beach which witnessed the wedding of Chico Jericho and Putri Marino. If you are interested in having a wedding here, you can book the best reservation complete with all kinds of facilities.

What are the benefits of the Bali wedding package 2023?

Bali wedding package 2023

As a bride, of course there are many benefits from the Bali wedding package 2023 that you ordered. One of the advantages is that the wedding party is much more lively, so it leaves a very romantic impression on your wedding day.

  1. The first advantage that you can get from the wedding package is the romantic facilities.
  2. The second advantage is that there is no need to prepare some very troublesome wedding preparations. Because, you just have to wait until the preparations are complete and focus on the wedding and the pronunciation of sacred promises.
  3. In addition, you will also get an impressive and unforgettable wedding scene.
  4. You also increase your intimate relationship with your partner so that the marriage becomes more lasting.
  5. You can enjoy your own satisfaction when you have a Bali wedding package 2023