Getting Around Bali in 2022: Best Bali Transportation Guide

Getting Around Bali in 2022: Best Bali Transportation Guide

Getting around Bali will be easier if you use convenient transportation. Especially if you intend to visit Bali with friends or family. In addition to transportation, of course you also need a guide, who can lead the trip for the better.

What are the advantages of using a car rental in Bali?

Car rental in Bali will make it easier for you to get around Bali. Of course the car can accommodate a lot of people in one go. For that, a car is the most effective vehicle when you want to get around Bali with your family.

Vacationing to Bali is fun, because it’s no secret that Bali has lots of cool tourist attractions. Moreover, Bali is located in many places where the distance can be far from each other, the distance can be hours and even have to be reached by fast boat so far away.

Especially for those of you who want to explore the Bali area to the fullest, then you have to prepare holiday transportation which is very crucial for planning a vacation. You really can’t stay in one area, because you have to explore the area on foot or by car.

Become More Comfortable

Especially for those of you who have never or rarely been to Bali, of course the problem of transportation is one of the questions. Even though Bali provides several transportation options that you can use while on vacation, one of which is car rental in Bali.

Car rental has its own advantages when you use the car. Of course it becomes more comfortable especially if you can drive yourself.

Offers Car Rentals Unlocked

Lock off car rental is the best rental and is suitable for couples, families or groups. By renting a car without lock, you will feel comfortable and protected from the heat and rain. In addition, you can also freely enjoy the scenery in Bali and visit anywhere.

However, keep in mind that taking a car certainly has its drawbacks, as most areas of Bali can be very congested. The travel time by car can be longer, because it can be tired if the travel time is long and the travel time is very far.

More efficient

Car rentals usually offer you to drive your own car, especially renting a car in Bali for holidays is highly recommended. With a car rental you can go anywhere without limits, as long as it is still within the area of ​​​​the island of Bali and returned on time.

You also don’t need to be afraid of additional costs because you want to visit tourist attractions in Bali which are quite far from tourist areas. Because, you only need petrol to go there. Renting a car is the best option for you, especially if you are bringing your partner or family or a group of friends.

How to rent a scooter and motorbike in Bali?

Renting scooters and motorbikes in Bali is the way you can do it, especially if you are confused about what to use around Bali. Scooter is one of the transportation that makes you comfortable around Bali without fear of getting lost, of course you have to bring a map.

How to Rent a Scooter

Scooter is a vehicle that can be used as an alternative when you want to get around Bali with a short distance. Because, it is not possible if you take the scooter to a very far area such as traveling to the Uluwatu area to Kuta.

  • The first step if you want to rent a scooter is to go to the nearest scooter rental, by searching for it on Google or asking people. If possible, you can order online so that the scooter can be delivered to the hotel where you are staying.
  • The second step is to comply with several terms and conditions that have been stated directly by the scooter owner. Make sure you have read in detail some of the terms and conditions that have been applied.
  • The third step you have to pay according to the price that has been determined.
  • The fourth step is to return the scooter on time so as not to be accused of misconduct by the owner.

How to Rent a Motorcycle in Bali

Renting a motorbike in Bali can be done easily if you find the rental place. The rental place is easy to find if you search for it on Google or rely on a tour guide as a guide. Motorbike rental in Bali is also very suitable for solo travelers or especially for those of you who are in pairs.

When you decide to rent a motorbike in Bali, then you must follow the methods below.

  • Make sure you rent a motorbike at the right rental and do not contain fraud.
  • The second way is to ensure all kinds of facilities that you get when making the lease.
  • The third way you can pay for the motorbike rental by complying with various types of terms and conditions that have been applied.
  • The fourth way you can immediately take the motorbike around to the Bali area with a partner or alone.

By renting a motorbike, you can experience a trip that is much cheaper and super flexible. In addition, you will be free from traffic jams during the pack season, even if you are not comfortable or affected by heat and rain. It could be that you can get tired on the road if you travel a very long way.

Motorbike rental is arguably the most popular transportation option for young tourists. Renting a motorbike is not a strange thing when you are in Bali, because you can see Caucasians riding motorbikes to and fro and they often carry surf boards with them.

Rent a motorbike in Bali is indeed much cheaper when compared to renting a car, so it is not surprising that this Bali transportation is very popular. Motorbike transportation in Bali is popular among tourists or backpackers.

Motorbike rental is also very cheap, you can rent it for a full 24 hours and can take it anywhere as long as it is returned on time. In addition, you can request a motorbike to be delivered or picked up to the hotel according to your needs.

Although there are several things you need to remember when you want to rent a motorbike in Bali. The first thing you have to remember is that the roads in Bali are hilly like the Uluwatu area, so you have to be more careful.

The second thing you have to remember is that the motorbike will be affected by rain and heat during the trip. So, you must be ready to enjoy the fatigue while exploring Bali by motorbike.

What are the advantages of taking local buses?

In addition to using private vehicles, you can also use public transportation such as buses to get around Bali. Traveling around Bali will certainly be more exciting if you use a bus, because the bus is one of the best holiday transportation in Bali for tourists.

Affordable prices

There are several advantages if you choose to take local buses when visiting Bali. The first advantage is the affordable price, you can pay according to the tickets sold and will not be easily fooled by some people.

Comfortable and Can Reach Various Popular Tourist Places

Local buses that will take you around Bali can also reach various types of popular tourist attractions there. Of course there is a bus schedule that you must pay attention to so you don’t miss the bus later, because when you miss the bus you will miss several things and that is very detrimental.

Please note, that the local buses in Bali are very suitable for solo travelers. Very few people know about this service, even though Bali has public transportation that has a fixed route. Buses in Bali are services designed to meet the needs of tourists in Bali.

As a tourist in Bali, you can enjoy all kinds of facilities such as local buses at low prices. Of course, local buses have different routes, make sure you take the bus route that is your destination.

In addition, you also have to pay attention to where you take the bus and what bus routes you use. Also, try to have a Bali bus map so you can understand each type of area you will be visiting later.

Please note, that you do not have to pay every time you want to board, because there is a choice of a one-day day pass or a 3-day day pass. With this ticket you can hop on and off as you please at the stops of your choice.

Thus, you can visit all types of activities in Bali by using a local bus. This public transportation place in Bali is very beneficial for you as a tourist. You can easily explore various spans in Bali at an affordable price.

How to rent a scooter in Bali?

Rent a scooter in Bali is easier if you find a very friendly rental at an affordable price. It would be much better if this vehicle has been included in the Bali tour package that will take you to various tourist attractions.

In the Bali area there are alternative transportation that you can use, such as electric scooters. This alternative transportation is present in Bali, which is an environmentally friendly solution for tourists on the Island of the Gods. Tourists and Balinese people have also used it since the end of 2020.

If you want to rent this scooter, it’s quite easy, because you just need to follow the steps below.

  • The first step you have to follow is to download the Gojek application on your smartphone, then select the Gojek menu so that the application will show you the nearest available scooter.
  • The second step is to go to the scooter parking lot and directly scan the QR code that has been provided on the scooter body. The QR code is used to unlock the inside of the scooter, try to check the remaining battery and scooter safety features before using it.
  • The third step is to make a payment using an electronic wallet balance such as Gopay. This payment is made at the first time of rental, because the balance will be automatically deducted according to the time.

The rate charged for each scooter that you rent is IDR 10,000 per 30 minutes. This scooter is an electric scooter, of course its use is a little different from a regular scooter or otoped. You only need to get on the scooter by pushing it with one leg once. After that, you can press the green button on the right handlebar to increase speed.

Scooters are a means of short-distance transportation, and can run at a speed of 25 km per hour. Try or don’t forget to be careful using a scooter, especially when on the road. If you have used this scooter, then you must return it if you give the nearest parking lot.

What are the advantages of using a Nusa penida guide?

Nusa penida guide is the travel guide you need when you are on vacation to Nusa Penida. Of course, there are many advantages that can be obtained when you use a guide, one of which is if you are a person who is blind or never returns at all.


Having a guide makes you no longer complicated, especially if you are a solo traveler. You can enjoy going to any tourist destination, besides that, you are also not easily deceived by some people while in Bali. Even if your trip becomes less flexible, usually the guide will give you several options such as the right itinerary.

Make Travel More Comfortable

The main function of a tour guide is to make the trip more comfortable when traveling around Bali. Moreover, Nusa Penida is a fairly large area, so as a beginner you cannot export this area alone. The presence of a tour guide makes you more comfortable traveling around the Bali area without worrying about getting lost.

In addition, you can also exchange information with a tour guide, the information can be about the history in Bali or the places you want to visit next.