10 Coolest Things to do in Canggu Bali

10 Coolest Things to do in Canggu Bali

There are so many things to do in Canggu, because Canggu was the only place that was still alive during the pandemic. Canggu is a region that never dies, the light is still bright and the economy is still spinning.

What are the 10 Coolest Things to do in Canggu Bali?

A variety of activities await you while in Canggu, because there are so many activities you should try. So that your vacation moments feel fun, then you can take a walk or use an airplane. Of course health protocols must be remembered so as not to be exposed to covid-19.

  1. If you are in Canggu, then don’t miss to eat at a vegan restaurant. You can enjoy vegan restaurants or food shops that sell delicious snacks without animal products, of course this is only found in Canggu.
  2. Looking for an instagenic breakfast shop, because by looking for this shop you can fill your Instagram feed.
  3. The next cool activity you can do while in Canggu is a high-quality restaurant. You can go to a fine dining restaurant that serves a special menu with extraordinary taste.
  4. The next cool thing you can do is stay at a cheap but good hotel, besides saving on your pocket you can also enjoy the existing facilities.
  5. You can also visit delicious places to eat in Canggu. Because, visiting vegan shops and high-quality restaurants is not enough. You have to go to Instagenic Canggu.
  6. You can also hang out at the Beach club, and choose according to the budget you have.
  7. Besides hanging out at the beach club, you can also hang out at the beach bar, because the price is considered more affordable when compared to the beach club.
  8. The next cool activity you can do is take a walk in the rice fields in the Canggu area. This quiet and peaceful place can relieve stress, so it never hurts to take a walk in the middle of a stretch of rice fields.
  9. The next activity you can do is enjoy the sunset on the marshy rock. Of course, this activity can be done with a partner or with family.
  10. The next cool activity you can do in Canggu is to enjoy the spa provided by a reputable salon.

What are the most popular Canggu Hangout Places?

Canggu has the most popular hangout spots. That’s why, Canggu is one area that never dies even though it’s affected by the covid 19 pandemic. There are so many Canggu Hangout Places that you can visit while in Canggu, so you don’t need to be confused anymore to look for them.

Hang out at the Beach Bar

Beach bars are very affordable, of course different from beach clubs, even though they sound the same. The beach bar provides a range of local beers and fresh cocktails that are not as fancy as those at the Beach club. However, the beach bar is considered very free because it can be visited by anyone.

Spending the night at a beach bar is one of the must-do things when you’re in Canggu. Beach Bar is one of those places that are cheap but still fun. You can also enjoy the moment at the beach bar, because holding a drink while accompanied by a song can relieve stress.

In addition, you can feel the pleasure of drinking complete with a rustling sea breeze. Especially if you are accompanied by a partner or family, it will definitely add to the best experience. The beach bar also offers a pleasant experience, because only in Canggu you get this most spectacular service.

Hang out at the Beach Club

The best hangout with friends is never right if you don’t visit the beach club in Canggu. Beach club is the most popular hangout place, offering a wider beach experience accompanied by a line of premium drinks.

You can feel the beach club when you have passed through the main gate, this is what makes the beach club popular with many people. The beach club is known for its crowds, so you can invite your friends to hangout at this place.

Atlas Beach Fest

Atlas Beach Fest is the next cafe recommendation that has an aesthetic atmosphere. This cafe has an architectural design with a go green and industrial theme. That is the reason why many people like to spend time here.

Lodging that can be used to spend the night is also in this place. There is also no need to serve the available food, because the menu provided is known to be healthy and of good quality. Of course, it is equipped with charming plating and makes you addicted.

What are the Best Cafes and Restaurants in Canggu?

Canggu also provides various types of the best cafes and restaurants in Canggu. The restaurants are available from restaurants with industrial concepts to Japanese. You can enjoy all the restaurants in Canggu, because apart from the stunning location, the prices are also affordable.

Cabina Bali

When you are in Canggu, then you must visit Cabina Bali. Cabina Bali is a hangout that is famous for its floating breakfast. Carrying a very unique concept, it is not surprising that this one tourist spot has many enthusiasts who want to visit it.

The atmosphere available has a tropical paradise theme, which is certainly more attractive to most tourists. Because, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to rent a hotel just to enjoy a floating breakfast. Cabina Bali is a cafe designed with a home with a swimming pool in the middle. This is what makes this cafe special for tourists.

Lima Bay Bali

The next recommended cafe in the Canggu area is Lima Bay Bali, which has an architecture that blends with nature. The wood elements and decorations are living plants that make the atmosphere look beautiful. Don’t forget the menu provided because it is very healthy, this restaurant provides a dragon bowl menu that you must try.

What are the free Things to do in Canggu?

Especially for you backpackers, of course this is the best news. Because, you can easily do free Things to do in Canggu. Free vacation is certainly everyone’s dream, but doing free activities is a rare thing and worth trying.

Getting Around Riding Two-Wheel Vehicles

Of course it will feel less, if you go to Bali but don’t use a motorbike. Canggu, which is in Bali, will certainly be more fun if you travel with a two-wheeled vehicle. You can walk around through the city or through the rice fields.

You can see left and right of rice fields and roads made of concrete blocks. In addition, you can enjoy the gusts of wind and the air that starts to cool in the late afternoon. You can’t just forget this best experience, because specifically in Canggu you have to try the legendary Rat Way.

Enjoying the Sunset in Batu Berawa

You also have to enjoy the sunset on the marshy rock, which makes you forget about all the fatigue and routine. This activity is a free activity and you can do it anytime, as long as the time is still showing in the afternoon.

You can forget all your fatigue and routine by sitting quietly waiting for the sunset on the rocky swampy beach. Feel the sky redden and turn orange, before finally fading and darkening as the sun sets completely.

The natural phenomenon of the sunset at Batu Berawa is always pursued by tourists, because it is worthy to be soaked in its elegance. You can also capture the moment of the sunset with your cellphone. This moment can also be used as a romantic moment that is very suitable for young couples.

Walks to Shops in Canggu Area

The next activity you can do besides riding a motorbike is walking to the shopping center. This activity can be done by anyone, you can also stop at an ice cream shop or do a fun activity.

The walk to the shops is of course free of charge, you can also enjoy a row of small shops that are unique and spoil the eye. You can also enjoy a small place that sells a variety of clothing and household decorations. This place in Canggu, will make you miss Canggu if you walk around here.

Wandering the Rice Fields

If you are tired of seeing shops, then you can turn your eyes to the expanse of rice fields that extends in several areas. A distinctive green color and so sweet embedded in the corners near the hotel or Beach club.

Canggu is known for its fertile and dense rice fields. You can ride a motorbike around and find a wide map of the rice fields and then go for a walk. Try not to spoil anything, because you can only see and enjoy its beauty.

Join the Beach Clean Up Action

You can also take part in beach clean-up actions organized by the local community in Canggu. Beach clean-up actions have been widely spread throughout Indonesia, you can follow this because it is free of charge and does not need to register.

In addition, you can get food and drinks and anyone can directly participate in this beach cleaning action. This activity is usually done on Sundays around half past five in the afternoon, you can also directly do ground coffee at their meeting point near the Balinese alus stall.

What are some instagramable places in Canggu?

Canggu is a beautiful and fun place to explore with two-wheeled vehicles. You can find Instagramable Place in Canggu, of course this place is a place that is sometimes not well known. Therefore, you must really know the ins and outs of Canggu.

Delicious Restaurants in Canggu Instagenic

Canggu Instagenic is a delicious restaurant in Canggu that can fill your Instagram feed. Almost all places to eat in Canggu are instagenic, because the food is also very worth it to be photographed. The appearance of the plate that comes to the table is also very aesthetic, so it can be directly photographed for posting on any social media.

This delicious restaurant in Canggu has an affordable price, when compared to similar foods in Jakarta. If you order a large portion of food, of course you will get a filling taste.

However, you will lose if you stay in Canggu without tasting the food at the surrounding restaurants. Because, eating in Canggu is famous for being cheap because the tourists there are mostly college kids and youngsters who have just started working. So, the price that is priced also adjusts to the pockets they have.

La Plancha

La Plancha can be an option if you want to hang out on the beach, while watching the beautiful sunset. This destination is a destination that you can visit, synonymous with colorful beanbags and umbrellas.

You can come to this place in the afternoon before sunset. The menus offered are also the best menus such as delicious tacos, nachos, and cold beer. We guarantee, that la Plancha is the best place that will not disappoint you.

Milu by Nook

You can relax and enjoy the beautiful rice fields. The scenery is the right atmosphere for you to enjoy at dusk. This beachside hangout is also known to be very comfortable. Milu by Nook is located on Jl. Berawa Beach No. 90 Xo, Canggu, Tibubeneng, Kec. North Kuta, Kab. Badung, Bali.

At Milu by Nook you can enjoy western specialties that are sure to tempt your taste buds. You have to try the various menus, it also leaves an experience of its own.

La Brisa

La Brisa is a hangout place that you can enjoy on the beach. In this place, you can sit in a romantic atmosphere while heading for the dusk. This place is perfect for those of you who want to enjoy the sunset, while tasting good food.

You will also see the lights that are lit in la Brisa, it will definitely add to the romantic atmosphere. You can also swim in the swimming pool available at this place. Because, a place that has a beach background and beautiful sunset views, will certainly be a romantic cafe for you and your partner.