Top 8 Water Sports and Activities you Must Try in Bali

Top 8 Water Sports and Activities you Must Try in Bali

Water sports in Bali has its own beauty that has succeeded in making this place a destination for many tourists. In addition to water sports, it also means having a sunrise and sunset panorama combined with white sand and foaming waves.

What are the Top 8 Water Sports and Activities you Must Try in Bali?

You must experience the Top 8 Water Sports and Activities you Must Try in Bali, either with your family or alone. When visiting Bali, you will really feel that you are in a paradise of water sports. Although, to be able to try all the water sports, you have to come at the right time.

Snorkeling in bali
  1. Flyboard is the sensation of flying on water like an iron man, you must try this activity, because it is a very popular water sport.
  2. Snorkeling is everyone’s favorite activity who has been to Bali, of course you can’t miss this activity because it is included in the top 8 waterspots and activities you must try in Bali.
  3. Rolling Donut offers a different sensation, because you will have a day off rotating 180 degrees in the boat.
  4. Besides flyboarding, you should also try another water sport, namely flying fish. Flying fish is one of the water spots that can be an option, because it is one of the water sports that uses a special boat or boat.
  5. Parasailing is an activity that you must do in Bali if you like to test your adrenaline.
  6. Sea walker is an activity that you can do if you are tired of using a boat during water sports. Of course, this activity is carried out at a minimum age of 13 years and over, because you need large equipment from special.
  7. Banana boat is the most favorite motor sport in Bali, because many people are curious to ride this fun banana.
  8. You can also try jet sky if you are tired of relying on your feet and surfing.

What are the water sport Activities in Bali?

The right time to try water sports or watersports is May, June, and October. In that month, you will find good weather conditions and the waves are not too big. Interestingly, you will find minimal tourist visits.

Water sport is an activity that can be done by anyone, because this activity is not reserved for some people. Especially for those of you who like water sports, then you must try a series of water sports complete with a fee you have to pay.

Jet Ski

Surely you are bored if you only rely on your feet when surfing. However, you don’t need to worry, because in Bali you can rely on jet ski. Jet Ski is an activity that you can do if you are tired of relying on your feet while surfing.


Parasailing is an activity that you can do on Tanjung Benoa Beach mainly in Bali. This activity is a very fun activity, you can try it with your family or with friends. We guarantee that when you try parasailing activities, you will have the best experience with adrenaline testing.

Flying Fish

This water sport can be an option, especially for those of you who want to have fun with friends. Flying fish is a water sport, which uses a boat with a capacity of about 3 passengers in it. You can try this one water sport with your best friend.

The boat used for flying fish is a type of rubber boat or rubber boat that can be filled with air, shaped like a fish. You can fly using this boat with a flight duration of about 10 minutes, the price you have to pay is around 400,000.


Flyboard is one of the many water spots, you will feel like flying on the water like many people’s favorite hero, Iron Man. For that, you can prepare a budget of around 500,000 to rp1,000,000, the function is to be able to try to fly on a flyboard for 15 to 20 minutes.

Rolling Donuts

Rolling donuts offer a different sensation, because this one waterspot can make you spin 180 degrees in the boat. The boat used for donut rolling is a donut-shaped boat with a capacity of about 3 to 4 people. The cost to enjoy this boat is quite affordable, because it is only around 100,000 per boat.


Wakeboarding is an activity that you can do in Bali, this activity will stimulate your adrenaline to infinity. Wakeboarding is the most suitable activity for those of you who like high-level challenges. Because, it is a water sport that comes from a combination of smooth base activities and water sky activities.

What are water adventures in Bali?

While in Bali, you should also try a water adventure, which will make your experience more enjoyable. Bali doesn’t just have some fun activities, because you have to try it for yourself and experience it.

Sea Walker

Sea walker is an activity that you can do in Bali, especially if you are bored with all kinds of water sports that rely on boats. Sea walkers certainly don’t rely on boats, because this quite popular water sport relies on feet to walk in the underwater world.

There is an age limit for visitors who want to enjoy the sea walker. Therefore, visitors must be aged 13 years and over to be able to try it. Visitors also need specialized international leaning equipment and an instructor guide. The duration is about 45 minutes and costs around 500,000 per person, so you can immediately enjoy the stunning underwater scenery.


Snorkeling is a water adventure that you can try while in Bali. Even though it is included in the mainstream activities, the fact is that snorkeling activities have never lost fans. Especially if you want to swim freely on the surface of the sea while seeing the beauty of the underwater world.

If you want to feel that freedom, then snorkeling is the right activity. You have to spend around 400,000 if you want to do snorkeling. Of course these costs include insurance, equipment rental and guide rental.

Scuba Diving

Water adventure that you can do is scuba diving. Scuba diving is an activity that allows you to dive on the seabed, and interact directly with marine life. Not everyone can do this activity, because only in Tanjung Benoa can this activity be done.

When you want to try scuba diving activities, special education and licenses are required before jumping in. But if you already have a special license, you can try this activity with a budget starting from only 500,000.

2 types of the best water sports spots in Bali

There are so many best places for water sports in Bali, try to visit some of the places that have been mentioned if you are in Bali. Knowing the best places for water sports is highly recommended, so you know what to do and prepare for it.

Once you know the best places to do watersports, you certainly can’t wait to try some of the rides there. For that, you must prepare all kinds of needs so as not to be disappointed when doing water sports activities in Bali.

Sanur Beach

In fact, Bali also has other beaches besides Tanjung Benoa Beach which are suitable for watersports. The beach is Sanur Beach, Sanur Beach has water sports facilities, in addition to 5 star hotels that line the vicinity.

While at Sanur beach, you can also enjoy the sensation of the sunrise on this beach. In addition, also enjoy the view of Mount Agung from a distance. There are various kinds of water sports in this place, seeing it is also not so expensive because it is not as busy as Tanjung Benoa Beach.

At the Sanur Beach location, you can take part in the sea walker activity, which is the activity of walking in the water while chatting. Keep in mind, that the sea walker activity can be done with ages 13 years and over. Of course walking underwater while chatting with colorful fish is a fun experience.

Labuhan Amuk Beach

Labuhan Amuk beach is a suitable beach if you don’t like crowds. Labuhan Amuk Beach is located in Karangasem Regency, 5 minutes from Padang Bai and 10 minutes from Candi Dasa Beach. You can visit Labuhan Amuk beach even though it is located quite far from Kuta and Denpasar.

Labuhan Amuk Beach is a beach that is worth a visit if you want a less crowded beach atmosphere. The location which is quite far from the Kuta area is about 1 hour by car. Of course, this time can be used as an alternative to see and enjoy water sports.

You can also tour the Klungkung area to see Kertagosa attractions, Lawah caves and the Kamasan tourist village. After playing water sports in Labuhan Amuk, of course you can visit the Candi Dasa tourist attraction.

What are the Best water sports and Activities in the Stunning locations of Bali?

In addition to the best watersports, Bali certainly provides activities at these locations so you don’t get bored. You can do this activity if you don’t like sports. Of course, it is an activity that is easy for some people, because tourists also do this activity.

Of course it will be more fun if water sports can be done with the family, while enjoying the amazing scenery. The activity of enjoying the amazing view under the sea cannot be felt by many people, especially if you are trying the best waterspot.

However, you can do these activities while in Bali. Bali is an island of the gods that provides a lot of activities that will keep you busy. Vacationing to Bali is not just relaxing, because you will release all the burdens you bear in this place.

Banana Boat

Banana boat is the most favorite water spot in Bali, this best waterspot is a fun activity. Why is it called a fun activity? Because it gives you activities while in a stunning location in Bali.

By riding a banana boat, then you will get an amazing activity. Because, riding a unique banana-shaped rubber boat pulled by a speed boat is a fun activity. You can invite your family or friends to enjoy this ride. Get ready to get wet while enjoying this amazing game.

Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Island

Besides trying the best watersport activities with a glass bottom boat, you can also try other amazing activities by enjoying the view of the turtle island. You can enjoy beautiful and stunning underwater scenery during the trip from Tanjung Benoa to Turtle Island. You can do this activity by riding a glass bottom boat.

What are the Best beaches for water sports in Bali?

Water sport is the best sport in Bali, that’s what makes many people want to try it. To do so, of course you have to choose the best beach for water sports. Choosing the best beach, is also accompanied by a choice of waves that are not too big.

The best place for water sports in Bali is the beach, it is known that Bali has very beautiful beaches. However, not all beaches in Bali have water sport tourism services. For that, you must know some places in Bali to do watersports.

Tanjung Benoa Beach

The first place that is very suitable to do water sports in Bali is Tanjung Benoa Beach. Tanjung Benoa Beach is located along Jalan Pratama, this beach is visited by tourists every day. If you visit this beach, then you can try starting from the morning at 09.00.

Tanjung Benoa Beach is the center of water sports in Bali, so don’t be surprised if during long holidays there are very crowded visitors. Tanjung Benoa Beach is a water sport place that provides the most complete facilities, when compared to other places in Bali.

If you do water sports activities at Tanjung Benoa Beach, then you can do flying fish, parasailing, the sky and other activities. This beach in Bali is not so far from the Nusa Dua area, it is also only 15 minutes from Kuta.

With the distance that is not so far away, making Tanjung Benoa Beach a worthy place to visit. Besides being strategic, this place faces east, so if you come with sunny weather, then you can see the sunrise before watersport activities.