Amazing Places to Visit in Nusa Penida for the best trip Ever

Amazing Places to Visit in Nusa Penida for the best trip Ever

Nusa penida is a tourist spot in Bali and you must visit. This place offers a valuable experience, especially if you are a tourist who is always curious about the beauty of Bali. Nusa Penida will spoil your holiday during your export to the island of Bali, you can enjoy a fun and unforgettable holiday by serving tourist destinations.

What are the amazing Places to visit in Nusa penida for the best trip Ever?

There are so many amazing places that you must visit, because Nusa Penida presents many new tourist attractions that are suitable for pampering your holiday. You can also get an exciting vacation experience by exploring the best tourist attractions.

Coco Penida Bar & Restaurant

Coco Penida Bar & Restaurant is the perfect place to spend a holiday in Nusa Penida. Because, this place is a fun place especially with the many best new tours. The beach bar is a cool tourist attraction that hits on Penida Island with an interesting cafe dish.

You can enjoy the beach atmosphere that reconciles the soul in the hangout. This popular and always crowded tourist destination is a tourist destination that is known to everyone. So, your vacation will not be complete in Nusa Penida if you don’t visit the beach bar.

Kelingking Beach (T-Rex Beach)

Kelingking Beach is the best natural beauty that has the most popular destinations. You can enjoy a vacation on Nusa Penida Island and enjoy beautiful beaches with clean white sand. Kelingking beach tourist destinations are perfect for refreshing from busy activities and the noise of the urban atmosphere.

Kelingking beach tourist destinations are indeed the best places for healing from the busyness of the day. You can enjoy the peace by playing in this tourist destination while spending the holidays.

Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay is the best tourist attraction in Nusa Penida that is no less interesting to explore. One of the cheapest and best tourist destinations is now complete with underwater natural beauty. You can feel the freshness of nature by snorkeling with your loved ones.

Exporting the beauty of the underwater world at the best tourist attractions is a great way to enjoy your vacation. By exporting the charm of the beauty of the best beach, it will make you feel an unforgettable holiday experience.

What are the cheap hotels in Nusa penida?

To add to the complete vacation, of course it will feel less if you don’t stay there. Then Nusa Penida provides the best hotel ready to serve you. So that you get an exciting holiday experience with the best lodging and tourist destinations.

Ramp Cottage

Ramp Cottage is a tourist spot close to the melenteng tree house and Seganing waterfall. The price for this type of room is priced from an affordable price per night, with AC facilities and wi-fi access and toiletries. You can also get terrace and television facilities, lots of lodging facilities that can be used while you are there.

While you are in this place you can take advantage of lodging facilities such as shuttle service, room service and laundry service. You can also take advantage of car rental services that can be used.

Ratu Cottage

Ratu Cottage is an inn located on Jalan Gunung Hyang, Batununggul, Nusa Penida. This inn is close to tourist attractions such as diving spots which are sampalan point and the beach in Toyapakeh village. As for the double room, it is priced at an affordable price per night with complete facilities.

As a visitor, you can also enjoy various types of other lodging facilities such as outdoor dining areas and car rentals. The plus value of this accommodation is the massage service and barbecue facilities located in the hotel area.

Dayuh House

Dayuh House has affordable rooms per night, so you can get amenities like free breakfast and a tea or coffee maker. Accommodation facilities that you can enjoy are wi-fi flow and an outdoor dining area.

In addition, you can also get shower facilities with hot water, bathroom amenities, air conditioning and television.

Pitamata Villas

Cheap hotels in Nusa penida are then located on Batumulapan Street, Batununggul, Nusa Penida. This tourist spot has the best type of rooms that are priced from the lowest prices. You can also get available hotel facilities such as swimming pools, restaurants and wi-fi access in public areas.

Also get car rental services and various types of room facilities such as television, clothes dryer, shower with hot water, and bathroom amenities.

What is the function of the Nusa penida guide?

A guide is the person you need when you are in Nusa Penida, especially if you are a person who has never visited this tour. It will be very nice if you are accompanied by a guide, the guide will help you in every way to make your vacation easier.

Broken Beach
Broken Beach

Accompany Travel

The first function of a tour guide is to accompany every tour we take. We as customers also have the right to ask questions about things we don’t understand. Because, the tour guide is a compass that directs us when we travel to a place.

Protecting and Guaranteeing Safety

Tour guide to guarantee the safety of tourists. As a service provider, tour guides provide the best possible explanation and explanation about a tourist attraction. In accordance with their duties, tour guides act as guardians of tourists and prevent tourists from all situations that might harm them.

Tour guides also provide assistance to guided tourists when experiencing difficulties or when requested. If the tour guide does a deviant act, of course the tour guide must be responsible for the action.

What are the things to do in Nusa penida?

Please note, your vacation to Bali will not be enough if you do not do any activities. For that, you can recommend activities that you can do while on vacation to Nusa Penida. Moreover, Nusa Penida offers a lot of interesting tourist destinations that are a pity to miss.

Explore Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach Penida Beach easily hypnotizes anyone who comes to enjoy its beauty. You can experience a new tour that gives a peaceful atmosphere with the charm of clean white sand and blue sea water.

Of course, there will be many new destinations that are suitable for refreshing from the busy schedule. By traveling to Nusa Penida, you can feel peace on the beach by exploring the best natural charms. One of the exploring activities that you can do is play surfing and enjoy the waves.

Enjoy the Beauty of Smoke Beach Nusa Penida

Another activity you can do in Smoke Beach Nusa Penida is to enjoy the beauty of the smoke beach. Because, enjoying the natural beauty of Nusa Penida is endless, because there are so many best destinations for anyone to visit.

The beach is one of the popular tourist destinations and is a mainstay on the island of Nusa Penida. The charm of the beauty of Nusa Penida will refresh and saturate. Especially if the stress is the result of busy activities.

Please note, if you want to vacation in Nusa Penida, it’s a good idea to visit the newest amazing tourist attractions. Don’t forget to also save your camera so that hunting photography can be done easily. Get also instagenic pictures by exploring the anti-mainstream anti-mainstream corner offered by the Nusa Penida tourist attraction.

Exploring Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Crystal bay Nusa penida is a white sand beach with crystal clear sea water. Make this beach a sight when you are on vacation in Nusa Penida. You can spend your holidays enjoying the charm of the natural beauty of Crystal Bay with Instagenic dishes.

There are so many exciting activities that you can explore when you spend your holidays with your family in this place. You can play on beautiful beaches and snorkel to explore the natural beauty around this beach. New tourist destinations are perfect for accompanying vacation trips, especially if these tourist destinations offer the best facilities with beautiful resorts.

What are the Best Places to eat Nusa Penida?

After doing tiring activities in Nusa Penida, of course you need a nutritious and nutritious intake. No need to worry, because in Nusa Penida you will find some of the best places to eat food. We guarantee that the recommended food is the best place complete with photo spots.

As we know, that there are so many new places in Bali that you can explore. One of the places is Nusa Penida, which is included in the administrative area of ​​Klungkung Regency. Nusa Penida is indeed increasingly popular in the Bali area, especially among tourists.

Many tourists go to Bali and are curious about Nusa Penida, rather than other mainstream areas such as Ubud. Nusa Penida offers a very stunning nature, this island has many beautiful beaches and is not too crowded.

When it comes to accommodation, Nusa Penida has many choices. Because, there are so many places to eat that offer good food in a comfortable place.

Green Kubu Nusa Penida

Green Kubu Nusa Penida is a restaurant located not far from the Nusa Penida Cliff Jumping port which is on the west side of Nusa Penida Island. This Green Kubu Nusa Penida is popular among tourists, serving menus such as various salads, various local food and other menus. You can also get mainstay menus such as various seafood.

Sunny Cafe Penida

The stall that can be used as the next choice is the Sunny Cafe Penida, which is located on the Pangket highway, Klungkung Regency. This stall has a variety of delicious menus, both from Indonesian menus such as fried rice, to western menus such as various pastas, omelets and sandwiches.

Cocoleaf Restaurant

Cocoleaf Resto is located not far from the beach, precisely in the direction of Batununggul Village, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency, Bali. In this place you can enjoy a menu that is dominated by restaurant food such as various burgers, various types of pizza and pasta.

Don’t forget that here there are also Indonesian menus such as grilled chicken and fried rice. This restaurant is perfect for breakfast, because this restaurant serves a variety of delicious pancakes and is open every day from 08.00 to 12 at night.

Fresh Seafood Ayu Nadi Resto

The location of the Ayu Nadi Resto fresh Seafood restaurant is on the seafront. So, you can see the view of the open sea. As the name implies, this area has a mainstay menu in the form of various seafood that can be enjoyed immediately.

You can enjoy some seafood such as octopus, grilled squid and fish soup. This restaurant is open every day during 08.00 am and 10 pm.

What are Nusa Penida secret spots?

Vacationing to Bali will be in vain if you don’t find the best photo spots to upload to social media. Exclusively, we will offer some secret Spots that you can do while in Nusa Penida.

Teletubbies Hill

Teletubbies Hill is a tourist attraction in Nusa Penida in the form of a green and wide hill. This tourist attraction is included in the best secret spots, because it is the most crowded hill to visit when the sky is clear and blue, with clouds like cotton clouds.

Smoky Beach

Smoky Beach is a rocky beach which if hit by the waves will give a magnificent view. Can be used as the best photo spot, although it takes extraordinary courage and caution when visiting the beaches in this area.

Angel Billabong

Angel Billabong is the best area in the form of natural phenomena, such as puddles on the beach that feel like a private swimming pool in the wild. Hiding behind a large sharp reef, so you must come with good footwear before swimming.

King of Five

Raja Lima is popularly called Bukit Atuh which is a furniture Instagram photo spot in Nusa Penida. It has a panorama similar to the Raja Ampat tourist attraction in West Papua. In addition to clusters of large tall rocks, tourists who come here can see natural phenomena in the form of springs that do not taste salty and never dry.

If you visit Nusa Penida, try not to forget to bring a camera with the best resolution. Because, it will be very useful for photo hunting with a very interesting view.